Manufacturing Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering

​By performing logical or mathematical operations on multiple data sources and fusing the results into an appropriate decision support format, you can derive new information from GIS modeling. With expertise in Operations Research, Physics, Mathematics, Emergency Management, and Mission Planning, the Geocent GIS team builds geospatial models using industry standards. For example, we have used geospatial modeling to support business use cases, such as producing an email listing of a customer’s retail locations within the latest NOAA hurricane model cone of error so owners could more effectively communicate with locations in harm’s way. In another example, we have built operation-oriented models that pull from various data sources and deliver geospatial layers to advise law enforcement and first responders on the forecasted performance of tactical platforms. end-to-end systems, people, processes, operations, tools, and components that create and maintain products throughout their lifecycles.

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Intelligent Integrated Manufacturing

Geocent, as part of a national initiative to enhance competiveness in manufacturing, provided leadership for several imperatives and helped establish strategic direction and tactical decision support to realize the specific concept of Intelligent Integrated Manufacturing (IIM). IIM is a concept put forth by this multi-agency taskforce, which included representation from the leading U.S. commercial and defense manufacturers and U.S. government agencies such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), NASA, the Department of Defense Manufacturing Technology Program (DoD ManTech), and the National Center for Advanced Manufacturing (NCAM). Numerous state agencies and universities also provided input and guidance in shaping IIM.

As a participant in the IIM effort, Geocent provided considerable subject matter expertise in manufacturing operations, manufacturing operations systems, enterprise resource management systems, and software development methodologies and best practices. Geocent built the first prototype, open-source platform that realizes the concepts of IIM as a system (IIMS).

IIM is a description of the current U.S. manufacturing industry and a systems engineering perspective on what can be done to make it more effective and competitive, which drives down the cost of manufacturing. IIM offers a holistic perspective of the various systems needed to realize effective and competitive manufacturing. IIM subsumes other enabling and competing concepts, such as the Model Based Enterprise (MBE) method, to create a system in which all manufacturing and product lifecycles are driven by well-defined parametric models and controllable processes. Therefore, Geocent’s initial efforts at realizing an IIMS were aimed at distilling the various IIM concepts into more concrete functional requirements and then into a robust enterprise level architecture.

Geocent is further defining the IIMS architecture based on open-source components and the functionality required to create IIM capability. Geocent has transformed its proof-of-concept code into a production-ready pilot project.

Decision Support and Quality Compliance

To improve operations, the decision making process uses inputs and analytical tools that depend on data quality and process speed. In the industry, this is known as having the right data, at the right place, at the right time, and then performing the right type of analysis for a given problem. Due to the information silos and gaps that exist in many businesses, there are often many problems encountered. Geocent works to make sure that these problems get addressed, reduces the tight coupling between processes, and facilitates decision support with real-time data feeds and applied analytics. These solutions help retain data for performance and for quality analytics, which we use to monitor compliance with operations and service-level processes.​