​Many businesses have recognized the advantages of virtualization in their information technology (IT) environments. Virtualization can help businesses reduce equipment and operating costs, meet the needs of employees and customers more rapidly, and respond to changing business conditions quickly and efficiently.

Geocent’s team of certified professionals have years of experience implementing various virtualization projects for different business needs including server, desktop, application, and storage virtualization.

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Server Virtualization

With server virtualization we can segment a single physical server into multiple virtual machines, each with its own operating system and resources. Since multiple server instances can run on a single piece of hardware and fewer physical servers will be needed to meet a company’s infrastructure needs, this can greatly reduce hardware and energy costs. Geocent’s certified infrastructure team is experienced in implementing Hyper-V, VMware, and Red Hat solutions in standalone or clustered configurations.

Desktop and Application Virtualization

Most desktop and application virtualization models host the applications and desktop environments on centralized servers. Since the desktops and applications are centrally housed, we can back up the data more efficiently and in case of client hardware failure, deploy more quickly. We can deliver the desktop experience to mobile devices and numerous client types, including older hardware that would not normally be capable of running resource intensive applications or newer operating systems. Our infrastructure team has experience implementing Microsoft, VMWare, and Citrix desktop and application virtualization solutions that have helped businesses continue to use existing desktop equipment longer and to more rapidly deploy new applications and desktop operating systems.

Storage Virtualization

With storage virtualization we can combine multiple storage arrays into a redundant system that is centrally managed, and we can allocate disk space in logical units (often called LUNs) for use by both physical and virtual systems. Geocent’s SAN (Storage Area Network) engineers have experience working with all the leading storage vendors.​