Kanban has its origin in lean production systems and just-in-time manufacturing, the most notable implementation being the Toyota Production System. In the last decade, Kanban has spread into many other business arenas outside of manufacturing such as Information Technology (IT) operations.kanban_diagram.jpg

Geocent uses Kanban as part of its agile methodology for developing processes in an operational environment with an emphasis on just-in-time delivery using a sustainable working pace.

This allows knowledge workers to pull work from a prioritized queue to work the task from start to delivery. The queue/backlog is displayed for all team members and clients to view, allowing for open communication and transparency, along with Kanban PlanningDaily Standup, and Kanban Retrospectives.

​Kanban Planning - Kanban Planning occurs as needed based on the priorities and current workload for the team. This as-needed planning is referred to as "Demand Planning" and is not scheduled at regular intervals. From the backlog, the team member takes the highest priority requirement, tasks, plans, and executes the work. As the requirement is completed, the team member logs the completion status and begins the next priority requirement on the list. Resources are assigned based on availability and the skills needed to execute the task.

Daily Standup - A Daily Standup is a meeting time-boxed to a maximum of fifteen minutes and is designed for team members to identify what they are planning for the current day and identify any impediments preventing them from accomplishing their tasks. In Kanban this is especially important, as it alerts the team and the client when the next planning meeting is required.

Kanban Retrospectives - ​Kanban Retrospectives are held periodically to identify areas for improvement and develop action plans or process changes based on issues. This typically will include items that the team should start doing, stop doing, and continue doing from a process perspective. This will provide continuous team process improvement and involves the entire team and the client staff personnel.