Scaled Agile Framework

​​​​Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®​)

Geocent uses SAFe® practices and tools to build custom technology solutions that are closely aligned with our clients' missions. Our approach incorporates crucial client feedback into the system early and often by delivering small increments of working software every few weeks.​

We recommend an Agile approach because clients need the flexibility to adjust priorities as new information arises and new ideas emerge. Geocent's application of SAFe® (see below) enables a collaborative environment for building and maintaining IT solutions that scales based on the size and complexity of the operation, creating alignment vertically for governance, as well as horizontally across multiple teams or business units.​​​

SAFe® capitalizes on the simplicity and effectiveness of Scrum to execute work at the team level, while incorporating lean/agile processes and governance practices at the program and portfolio levels to manage the entire enterprise effort as a cohesive whole. Agile and lean processes are leveraged at multiple levels, including portfolio, program, and execution providing an integrated strategy for planning, governance, and overall management.

Using SAFe® as an overall management approach, Geocent ensures a scalable execution model that maintains focus on business value, transparency, collaboration, delivery throughput, and product quality in alignment client requirements and goals.​