Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
SOA Approach
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

​​Geocent provides trained, certified, experienced Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) consultants. Choosing us to implement an SOA solution for your organization comes with distinct benefits.

  • Our solutions are driven by your business requirements, not the other way around. We approach the problem from a business-first perspective, which we believe is the only way for the solution to meet your business needs.
  • Geocent provides vendor agnostic solutions. Keeping your organization from becoming locked down to a particular vendor’s solution, combined with the inherent reusability of SOA, can provide greater business agility.
  • We focus on creating reusable services throughout your enterprise. This focus leads to one of the most recognized and valuable benefits of SOA: increasing a company’s return on investment in software development.
  • A well-defined approach to contemporary SOA can lessen the burden on your IT infrastructure and reduce the number of required technical resources, which potentially saves cost over time. SOA promotes the reuse of services over the traditional development of single purpose applications, so existing services can be composed to support new or changing business processes. The plug-and play nature of SOA applications means deployment is fast and easy.
  • Because we know how important it is that your infrastructure scales to your needs as your demands grow, Geocent provides SOA governance solutions. We know that effective governance is the key to preventing the fragmentation of your strategic SOA investment into dozens of ineffective, resource-sapping point solutions.

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​Microsoft has certified Geocent's SOA competency with our gold status ​in Application Integration.​ Our consultants have earned the following SOA certifications:

  • SOA Certified Architect
  • SOA Certified Analyst
  • SOA Certified Professional
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