Texas Department of Information Resources

Texas DIR Contract Number: DIR-TSO-3777

Geocent Vendor ID Number: 12623061384

Services Offered Under This Contract: Microsoft Technical Services

Technical Labor Categories and Descriptions

How To Order:

To order services under this contract, please contact Chelsi Cadella at chelsi.cadella@geocent.com or (504) 554-0888.


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Services Warranty and Return Policies:

  1. Period of Coverage. The Warranty period for software and system components covered under this Contract will begin on the date of system acceptance or date of first productive use, whichever occurs later, and will terminate 365 days thereafter.
  2. Free from Defects. Contractor warrants that the system developed hereunder shall be free from defect in design and implementation and will continue to meet the specifications agreed to during system design and Contractor will, without additional charge to the State, correct any such defect and make such additions, modifications, or adjustments to the system as may be necessary to operate as specified in the Technical Deliverables accepted by the State.
  3. Software Standards Compliance. Contractor warrants that all software and other products delivered hereunder will comply with State standards and/or guidelines for resource names, programming languages, and documentation as referenced in individual Task/Work Orders.
  4. Software Performance. Specific operating performance characteristics of the software developed and/or installed hereunder are warranted by the Contractor as stated in individual Task/Work Orders.

DIR Contract Information:

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