Agile Training, Consulting & Coaching
Agile Training, Consulting & Coaching


​Geocent knows that agility starts with a mindset, and that while there is no turnkey solution for "going agile", we can confidently launch agile programs with visible success in the short term as well as ongoing measurable improvement. Geocent specializes in bringing agility to highly regulated industries and government agencies. Whether you are just starting your agile journey with a pilot team or project, ready to go all-in with an enterprise agile transformation, or somewhere in between, Geocent consultants can help ensure you get results.


Agile frameworks aim for a "just enough, just in time" approach to planning and analysis. Geocent uses this same approach with our clients to assess readiness for launching/accelerating an agile transformation – conducting a minimal but critical up-front analysis and training to ensure that key people, processes, and tools are in place. Contact Us to learn what to expect (and not to expect) from agile, and how to get started quickly without costly disruption to your organization.


Introducing change has the expectation of making something better. As such, it is important to have meaningful metrics to show where you started and whether you are getting closer to the goal. Geocent consultants provide expert guidance on tools and methods to create transparency and measure the impact of incremental changes to our clients' delivery processes. Contact us for more information.


People – not processes – do the work in an organization. Geocent's agile coaches work alongside your staff to mentor, guide, and challenge them in applying agile techniques. We have trained agile practitioners who provide framework coaching, as well as coaches with deep hands-on experience in specific disciplines such as agile testing, development, architecture, and product management. Contact us for more information.​