Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits

​​​​With a strong commitment to recruiting and retaining the best of the best, the Geocent family continues to grow as an exclusive organization of hard working people who have fun while intellectually challenging ourselves and our peers. We believe if our employees can flourish personally, then they are best equipped to succeed professionally.  As a result, Geocent is consistently selected by regions in which we operate for “Best Places to Work” honors.

Flexible Career Options

Whether it is focusing on a large project, growing into a management position, or becoming a technical subject matter expert in a specific field, Geocent offers numerous ways to grow in the company.

Training Opportunities

Geocent invests in the professional status of its employees by supporting and supplementing various training, education, and credentialing opportunities.

Corporate and Family Events

Geocent hosts numerous events throughout the year for employees and their families, including holiday parties, seafood boils, barbecues, and company mixers.

Paid Time Off

To assure maximum flexibility to our employees and their families, Geocent provides a generous PTO plan to cover employee time away from the workplace. The concept of PTO at Geocent includes all forms of time off: vacation, sick, and holiday. We believe employees are in the best position to choose when they should work and when it is best for them to take advantage of deserved time off.


In conjunction with John Hancock Retirement Servic​​es, Geocent offers a full selection of 401(k) retirement investment options, including Roth and traditional plans. The company participates by providing matches on employee investments.

Credit Union

As an employee of Geocent, your benefits package is enhanced with the option to join the Riverland Credit Union. Credit Unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives that offer their members cost effective financial alternatives to high-priced banking serv​​​ices.

Health Insurance

To maximize flexibility and meet specific needs, the company offers multiple health care plans. To​​ ease the burden of exploding health care costs, by contributing to the premium for employee and dependent coverage, Geocent shares significantly in the cost. Our plans offer the right to go to your doctor of choice without first going to a primary care physician.

Health Savings Accounts​

Qualified employees receive a tax-free, employer cash contribution to spend on current health care needs or save for future needs.​

Flexible Spending Accounts

Employees may put money aside each pay period on a pre-tax basis to cover out of pocket medical and dependent care expenses.

Dental and Vision Plans

Geocent provides its employees with Dental and Vision plans. The employee-only Dental and Vision plan premiums are 100% paid by Geocent with the option for employees to add dependents.

Long Term Disability

The premium for Long Term disability coverage is paid in full by Geocent. Enrollment is automatic. Following the qualification period, the disability benefit pays a percentage of the monthly base salary up to a maximum amount per month.

Short Term Disability

As a complement to fully-paid Long Term Disability, employees may purchase our Short Term Disability plan. The benefit pays a percentage of weekly base salary up to a maximum amount per week.

Life Insurance

Basic term life is paid in full by Geocent. Enrollment is automatic. We also offer a competitive, employee paid, convertible voluntary term life plan providing additional coverage for you, your spouse, and your children.

Supplemental Plans

Employees may select from a variety of focused supplemental plans to cover unanticipated occurrences for themselves or their families.

Help us Hire

Geocent recognizes that many of our best employees were referred by our best employees. To help us build the high quality staff we require, we provide generous bonuses to our staff who refer new candidates.  Graduated rewards are granted at every step: from referral to hiring.

Opportunities to Make a Difference

Over and over the employees of Geocent show their enthusiasm for contributing to the welfare of our various communities.  From working for our country’s Wounded Warriors to raising money for disaster relief, our employees give ba​​​ck.  In recognition of this and to give our employees a louder and larger voice, Geocent sponsors a Community Involvement Committee.  Anyone interested may participate and provide ideas and direction to the committee, so that Geocent can tie its philanthropic efforts to the causes our employees find most important.

Opportunities to Build Geocent and your Skills

We love when our employees participate in strategic decision-making that determines the culture and future of the company.  Join an Integrated Product Team to work on innovative projects and “cool stuff” or consider a contribution of a different kin​​d by participating in our Diversity Steering Committee. We believe these experiences make our people better employees and more experienced professionals.

Employee Assistance Program​​

Our Employee Assistance Program is a self-driven and confidential resource available at no charge to our employees. It is designed to assist you with work and life issues you may not be fully prepared to deal with on your own or for which you could simply use some guidance.​​